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Bike School – we teach riding a bike, we teach through riding a bike

The Bike School project is currently the only fully complex educational program in Poland, oriented towards increasing bicycle use among school pupils in their everyday commuting to school as well as a means of sport and recreation.

23 czerwca 2015r.

The program’s innovative and unique value lies in it being created and run by everyday practitioners of bikes who—making use of their experience and inspiration drawn from other European countries—combine encouraging into cycling with giving tips as for safe ride along streets and roads.

The project’s education message goes beyond the old-fashioned canon of cycling education, so far common in our country. It does not consist in theoretical education concerning the traffic regulations. It also avoids excessive exposition of the aspect of risk, preparing to rather than discouraging from cycling, which is the most frequent sin of the education currently run by various institutions.

The project consists of actions oriented directly to pupils from various types of school—primary, secondary and gymnasium. These actions include meetings and talks conducted by experienced bikers, trainers, and practical courses in cycling improvement.

The project also includes a rich offer of educational actions for teachers. It is composed of tens of ready-made teaching scenarios for various school subjects relating to cycling, as well as instructions for actions to be realised together with pupils for the benefit of bike-friendly schools. Moreover, the project offers a didactic kit, made up of: interactive portal www.rowerowaszkola.pl, education brochures, instructive films on safe cycling and a tool for standardized evaluation of school and its surrounding as for the school’s friendliness for bikers, the so-called school bike audit (the first in Poland). The participants in the project compete collectively and individually for attractive prizes.

At present the program is realised in most Polish big cities and it involves ca 200 school institutions. In Wrocław, thanks to the support from the Municipal Office, there have already been two project editions. Due to a warm welcome of the project in schools, it has a huge improving potential. The range of activities is currently limited only by the funds available for this goal.

We are looking forward to cooperation!

Cezary Grochowski

Project Coordinator, mobile: +48 691 946 426; e-mail: c.grochowski@eko.org.pl

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